The First Week at WESLI

Registration Day

hg0088皇冠会员登录on registration day, you will come to wesli at 8:30 in the morning. you will need to:

  • bring your passport.
  • bring proof (insurance card) that you already have health insurance if you don’t want to buy health insurance through WESLI.
  • have a student ID picture taken at WESLI.
  • talk to one of WESLI’s advisors about your goals for learning English.
  • take a placement test to determine your English level at WESLI.
  • choose your classes and receive your class schedule.
  • pay for your tuition, insurance, books and dorm or homestay fees. Please remember that fees are due on Registration Day, and a late fee will be charged if you pay after one week of class.
  • request to open a bank account in Madison.

Orientation Week

hg0088皇冠会员登录the first week you arrive will be your orientation week. every day you will have 1 hour of orientation. you will meet other new students and wesli staff members, and learn how they can help you. wesli offers many opportunities to connect with the community and your future goals. you will also receive general information about wesli and madison.

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