hg0088皇冠会员登录if you compare wesli’s tuition to other institutions in the united states, you will find that wesli offers the best value. because the cost of living in madison is much lower than on the east or west coasts of the u.s., it is even more economical to study english at wesli.

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Calculate Your Costs for Studying At WESLI


Tuition for one full-time 4-week session of General English Essential (24 hours/week) is $2,120. If you study for more than 4 weeks — for 8 weeks, 16 weeks, or even 48 weeks, for example — you will receive a discounted rate depending on the number of weeks in your study plan. For example,tuition for 8 weeks is only $3,520, saving you $720 off the 4-week rate. Please contact us for details and to discuss your study plan. (Students who will attend WESLI with F-1 visas musthg0088皇冠会员登录 study full-time, 24 or more lessons per week.)

Other Expenses

during your studies you will have other expenses, include housing, food, books, transportation, and spending money.

WESLI Summary of Cost

hg0088皇冠会员登录tuition and health insurance fees are due the first day of each session. housing fees are due the day of arrival. a $200 deposit fee is required when living at a homestay or wesli’s dorm. you will purchase your textbooks at wesli after you choose classes on registration day.

Example summary of costs for studying General English Essential (24 weekly lessons) for eight-weeks (2021):

  • Tuition = $3,520
  • Health Insurance = $240 (2 months)
  • IF Dormitory, Shared Room =  $1,600 (2 months)
  • IF Homestay with Meals = $1,520/session (2 months)
  • Materials fee = $100-$200 per level(may be 4-week or 8-week session)

                                TOTAL (approximate) = $5,470

Special Notes:

  • Single dorm rooms may be available for an extra charge.
  • Health insurance is required unless you already have insurance from your country. It is charged monthly at the first day of  each month.
  • Some spending money (about $200/month) is recommended for activities and miscellaneous expenses.

The information above is subject to change, and additional weeks of study will decrease tuition and housing prices.

Health Insurance

f-1 visa students are required to have health insurance. medical care in the united states is very expensive. if you have health insurance from your own country, please bring your card or certificate to prove you are insured. if you do not have insurance from your country, you will enroll in the insurance plan available for wesli students and pay the fee every two months with your tuition. insurance for two months costs $240. the insurance covers the cost for most medical treatments. however, it will not pay for general physicals, teeth, eyes, pre-existing conditions, or problems caused by alcohol and drugs.

you can preview our health insurance here:

Spending Money

spending money is money for activities such as movies, dinner in restaurants, and shopping. if you live like the average american student, we recommend that you plan for at least $200 per month in spending money.