WESLI Terms and Conditions

Upon Application submission, and/or partially or fully paid fees, the student agrees that he/she has read and understood the following Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply to every student and agent(s) representing students.


  • Minimum age is 16. Some exceptions apply. Contact WESLI for students under 16.
  • At time of application, students under 18 must submit a Guardianship Letter signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Please note: WESLI does not provide supervision for students under 18 who book an adult course. A parent or guardian of a student under 18 must also read, sign, and submit the WESLI Guardianship Release Form.
  • Additional support services for underage students are available at an additional cost, please contact WESLI for more details.


  • Courses run Monday through Friday and are scheduled in the morning and/or afternoon.
  • Upon arrival, students must take WESLI English Placement Tests. WESLI will use the results of these assessments to determine the student’s English skills and appropriate study level.
  • If a student does not meet the minimum English requirement to study a specific course and/or at a specific level, WESLI reserves the right to place the student into an appropriate course and/or level. The decision will be at WESLI’s discretion and is final.
  • Any student wishing to change courses may only do so with WESLI’s permission, and at WESLI’s discretion. The student is then immediately responsible for payment of any difference in tuition fees or additional administration/amendment charges.
  • WESLI reserves the right to re-test students where there are incongruities between the original WESLI English Placement Test and performance after undertaking a course.


  • WESLI reserves the right to change details of its services at its discretion, including, but not limited to: accommodation, courses, dates, facilities, teachers, times, rooms, and combining class levels.
  • All WESLI courses are subject to demand, and WESLI reserves the right to cancel course(s) when operation is not viable. Alternative courses will be offered where appropriate. Otherwise, course fees will be refunded in full.
  • Tutoring lessons are dependent upon availability of staff and classroom space and will be scheduled accordingly.
  • Tutoring lessons booked with fewer than 48 hours’ notice may not be able to be accommodated.


  • The accommodation service offered by WESLI is for students booking a course only and cannot be booked independently of a course at WESLI, unless through previous written agreement through our university partners.
  • In arranging accommodation, WESLI normally acts as a third party, and cannot accept ultimate responsibility for the quality of accommodation provided, or for any damages, theft or financial loss suffered by students as a result of accommodation providers’ or the students negligence, except insofar as we undertake to exercise due diligence in arranging such accommodation on students’ behalf.
  • Students and agents are advised to notify WESLI at the earliest opportunity in cases where the accommodation provided is deemed unsatisfactory, when WESLI will endeavor to negotiate improvements in the existing provisions or to offer alternative accommodation subject to availability or refunds from providers wherever possible.
  • A Security Deposit of $200 is required for any WESLI accommodation. It will be refunded within 2 weeks of check out via bank transfer provided there is no damage to property. Security Deposit refunds are made at WESLI’s discretion and are never given in cash.
  • WESLI reserves the right to charge students for any damage or breakages caused to the homestay or student dorm provided, for which they may be deemed responsible. All accommodation charges must be paid to WESLI and not the accommodation directly.
  • There is a 1-week minimum stay for any WESLI booked accommodation.
  • All prices are per person per week unless stated otherwise. Extra nights may be available, and per-night charges will be incurred for staying extra nights.
  • Accommodation is reserved from 10.00 a.m. on the Sunday before the course begins, until 10.00 a.m. on the Sunday at the end of the course, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Students 16 or under at the time of booking an adult course are required to book a Homestay for the total duration of their course. Please see price list for costs of Homestay for students under the age of 18.
  • Prior to arrival, students/agents must inform WESLI of specific arrival and departure dates and times no later than 21 days before scheduled arrival date.
  • WESLI makes every attempt to provide the type of accommodation requested, whether residence hall or homestay. In some instances, preferred accommodation may not be available and WESLI will use its reasonable endeavors to offer a suitable alternative.
  • WESLI is not obligated to guarantee a specific accommodation type at any time.
  • WESLI reserves the right to revise the cost of accommodation at any time.
  • After the student’s arrival in the US, any requests to change accommodation will be dealt with at the school’s discretion, is subject to availability and will be subject to a cancellation fee of 2 weeks accommodation fees.
  • Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances and at the school’s discretion.
  • Students residing in the WESLI dorm accommodation will have to maintain a C grade average and 90% attendance. Should student’s grades or attendance drop below that level they will be subject to review and possible expulsion from the dorm. This also applies to students from WESLI partner universities and colleges.


  • Students must comply with all U.S. immigration requirements, both before and during studying in the U.S. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the U.S. WESLI does not refund tuition or other fees to expelled students.
  • Students must keep WESLI informed of the progress of the visa application.
  • WESLI reserves the right to deny any application of enrollment if it believes that the student’s intentions do not comply with U.S. government rules and regulations.
  • WESLI is not liable or responsible for decisions made by embassies or immigration authorities regarding entry visas or visa extensions.
  • WESLI is authorized under U.S. Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students. By law, to issue the I-20 form required for obtaining an F-1 Student Visa (for full-time students only)*WESLI must first receive the following:
  • Application Form
  • Passport ID page (copy)
  • Applicable Fees
  • Financial Documentation- submit ONE of the following:
  • A copy of your current (90 days or less) personal bank statement, showing sufficient funds.**
  • A signed Financial Support Letter from a financial sponsor (parent/relative/friend) ANDa copy of the sponsor’s current (90 days or less) bank statement showing sufficient funds.**
  • A Scholarship Letter from a sponsoring government or business, guaranteeing financial support.

* Full-time students must take their I-20 form issued by WESLI to their U.S. Consulate visa application appointment. Students must also show their Financial Documentation at the appointment.

**Bank Statements must show a balance that is equal to or greater than the cost of the student’s length of study.

  • F-1 visa students already in the U.S. who wish to transfer from another school to WESLI must submit a SEVIS Transfer Form.
  • F-1 visa students must register for a minimum of 18 clock hours per week – which equates to a minimum of 24 lessons per week at WESLI.


All applicants for high visa denial countries must complete the addendum form to complete their application materials.


  • WESLI must receive written notification if you wish to defer to a later start or arrival date.
  • Requests for changes less than 14 days before the course begins may not be granted due to lack of time for processing and express mail services.
  • Requests for changes are subject to an Amendment Fee of $50.
    Students requiring an updated I-20 document must pay the amendment fee ($50) and mail fee ($100) each time a new I-20 is issued.
  • Students must ensure that there is time to reapply for a visa if changes affect their visa provisions.
  • Deposits and fees are transferable if deferring to a future start date, see chart below for more details.
  • Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person.
  • Please refer to WESLI’s Terms and Conditions for refund and cancellation policies after the student has started their program


  • Tuition and Fees listed on invoices must be received in full 30 days prior to the course start date. If a student books fewer than 30 days before their course start date, full tuition and fees are due immediately.
  • Students that have not paid their fees may not be allowed to enter their accommodation or start their program until they do so.
  • WESLI accepts the following methods of payment: PayPal, Visa or Mastercard Credit, Debit Cards, Cash ($USD), Personal Check (drawn on a U.S. bank), Wire Transfer, Money Order, Western Union.
  • Students are responsible for all bank fees (including intermediary bank charges), wire transfer fees, and foreign currency transaction fees, and must ensure all bank transfer fees are included in the payment.
  • Deposits and fees are not transferable between students.
  • A fee of $30.00 will be charged for returned checks due to Non-sufficient Funds or incorrect information.
  • Tuition entitles the student to receive academic instruction in the chosen course but does not cover the cost of other materials and services that the student may require to complete the course, including, but not limited to: text books, examination fees, bank charges, insurance, social activities, and travel expenses. Students must purchase these materials and services as required for course completion.
  • Students studying 3 weeks or longer must buy the relevant course materials. WESLI reserves the right to exclude from class any student who refuses to buy course materials.


any refunds due will be paid (by bank transfer) within 6 weeks of receiving the refund request and supporting documents. no refunds will be paid in cash. payment will be made to the person or organization that originally paid the fees following our cancellation policies as stated in this document. the registration fee, accommodation booking fees, courier fee and bank/credit card charges are non-refundable. there will also be an administration fee of $200 applied to all refunds processed.

no refund will be paid in the following circumstances:

  • If fraudulent documents were submitted on visa application
  • Once the course has commenced
  • If the student withdraws the visa application
  • If the student is expelled from the school or from the country by the Immigration Authorities
  • If the visa is granted and the student decides not to study at the school (in which case the school is required to inform relevant authorities immediately)
  • If the student is dissatisfied with the allocated level of study


Postponement of Course

hg0088皇冠会员登录the office must receive written notification at least 21 days before your course begins if you wish to transfer to a later course date. students requiring an i-20 visa support document from wesli must pay the amendment fee each time a new i-20 is issued. deposits and fees are transferable to future start dates.

Changes before scheduled arrival date:

students must ensure that there is time to reapply for a visa if changes affect their visa provisions. except for course upgrades, requests for changes less than 7 days before the course begins are subject to an amendment fee of $50. deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person.

Cancellation before scheduled arrival date

all cancellations must be received in writing. cancellation charges are dependent on the notice of cancellation given:

  • If the student/agent gives more than 21-day notice, before scheduled arrival date the student will be charged the application fee, accommodation placement fee, express mail fee
  • If the student/agent gives less than 21 day’s notice they will be charged application fee, accommodation placement fee, express mail fee, 2 weeks tuition fees and 2 weeks accommodation fees where applicable.
  • Any tutoring that is cancelled within 48 hours of scheduled time or that is missed by the students till not be made up or refunded.

Cancellation on or after scheduled arrival date

hg0088皇冠会员登录with the exception of course upgrades, requests for changes after the course has begun are subject to an amendment fee of $50. if you cancel your course at any time before completing the program for which you enrolled, the school is required by us law to notify immigration authorities that you have dropped out of your course. students on an f1 visa must leave the country within 15 days or transfer to a new school within 60 days from their last day of studies. the school will also need a copy of your plane ticket or acceptance documents from your new school in order to confirm the change to your booking. for students under the age of 18, the office will check with agents, parents or guardians before arranging any refunds, as our policy is to refund only to the person from whom the funds originated. for all students booking through agents, the office will check with agents before arranging any refunds, as refunds can only be made after receipt of funds paid via an agent. there is no amendment fee for students requesting an upgrade to a longer course or an increase in the number of lessons.

Courses of 1-4 weeks

hg0088皇冠会员登录courses cannot be cancelled or shortened, or lessons reduced in number after arrival, and no tuition fees are refundable.

Courses of 5-12 weeks

For cancellations, curtailments or changes to be effected from the 5th week onwards students must give 4 weeks’ written notice from the following Monday. Course length and tuition fees will be calculated to the end of the week when cancellation takes effect and costs recalculated according to the total number of weeks studied. If less than 60% of the course is completed by that date, 100% of the balance is refunded, less the $200 refund administration fee. If more than 60% of the course is completed, no fees will be refunded.

Courses longer than 12 weeks:

refunds will be based on 4-week sessions beyond the first 12 weeks. after 12 weeks, any 4-week session 60% completed will not be refunded, but all weeks beyond that would be refunded with costs recalculated according to the total number of weeks studied less the $200 refund administration fee. after 12 weeks, any 4-week session less than 60% completed will have the remaining weeks of that 4-week session and all weeks beyond that refunded, less the $200 refund administration fee. course costs will be recalculated in all cases in line with the price per week of total weeks studied.

For Extended Courses:

If you extend the length of your booked course and withdraw from the course before completing 60% of the extended portion of your booked course, you will be eligible for a prorated tuition refund of the booked extension.

If you extend the length of your booked course and withdraw afterhg0088皇冠会员登录 you have completed 60% or more of a four-week session, you will not be eligible for a refund for that session but would be refunded tuition for any further sessions you have paid for. Weekly tuition for time studied will be deducted from the refund amount calculated from your last recorded day of attendance and will be calculated by week, based on the weekly price for the actual length of your extended study.


  • If a student wants an airport transfer (from “MSN,” Dane County Regional Airport) or “ORD” (Chicago O’Hare International), the student must inform WESLI a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival.Students must submit flight details: airline, flight number, arrival time, departure airport and arrival airport.
  • If any information changes, the student must inform WESLI.
  • WESLI is not responsible for airport transfer failure when a student does not provide the required information. There is no refund for a failed airport transfer of this kind.
  • Transfers will only be booked upon receipt of payment in advance of arrival.
  • If a transfer is provided, but the student is not at the arranged pick-up point (e.g.; missed flight/incorrect information given), WESLI will not refund the transfer fee.


  • WESLI is closed on Public Holidays. WESLI does not make up for classes missed on these dates. Exceptions are made for Tutoring lessons, which will be made up. An updated list of Public Holiday dates can be found on the WESLI website.
  • There is no refund for lessons missed on Public Holidays.


wesli may be closed between sessions, when there are no classes held.


  • Students must have adequate health insurance, whether from their own country or WESLI.
  • Proof of Health Insurance must be provided upon arrival.
  • Students without proof must immediately purchase Health Insurance from WESLI.
  • WESLI reserves the right to claim this cost from uninsured students.


  • Students must attend all classes.
  • WESLI is not responsible for students missing class.
  • A Probationary Letter will be given to students missing 50% of classes.
  • If a student has enrolled via an agent, is on a government scholarship, or is under 18, the student agrees WESLI may release attendance records to the agent, scholarship administrator, and/or parent/guardian if attendance falls below 50%.
  • WESLI reserves the right to expel (without refund) any student whose attendance falls below 50% for 4 weeks.


  • Full time Students are eligible for vacation after 32 weeks of consecutive full-time study at WESLI.
  • After a vacation, students must continue their course until completion of the number of weeks paid for.
  • If taking a vacation shortens the student’s course and accommodation, there is no refund.


  • Prices are valid from January 1, 2018.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


  • WESLI reserves the right to expel any student for unacceptable behavior, poor performance, or lack of attendance. No refund will be given.
  • Expelled students are not eligible for course completion letters, certificates, or any such documents.
  • Expelled students must repatriate at their own expense.
  • Expelled students are not eligible for further WESLI accommodation. Accommodation refund policies will apply.
  • Students are prohibited from using transatcasa.computers or facilities for unauthorized purposes, including accessing pornographic material or other offensive or extremist websites, commercial activities, or pirating.
  • Students causing damage to WESLI facilities or accommodations must pay the full cost of repairing or replacing such property or items.
  • WESLI reserves the right to remove any student from WESLI accommodation for unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to: causing damage to property, causing disturbance or nuisance, stealing, abusive or disrespectful conduct, failing to observe accommodation rules, consuming alcohol if under 21, or providing alcohol to anyone under 21.


  • Upon submission of a WESLI Application, the student agrees to allow WESLI the use of all photographs, video, and audio that WESLI created during the student’s studies, without further approval.
  • If a student does notwish to be in photographs, video, or audio, the student must sign the Non-Consent Photography/Video/Audio form and submit it to the Student Services Coordinator.


  • WESLI and its staff and representatives will not be liable or responsible for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property.

hg0088皇冠会员登录wesli will not be liable or responsible for any events outside our reasonable control (force majeure event) that may cause the closure of part or all of the institution and the cancellation of any classes, courses, or other services or materials. force majeure events may include, but are not be limited to: fire, storm, flood, other weather or natural disasters, facilities disruption, epidemic, disease, terrorism, strike, riot, civil strife, war, industrial dispute, governmental action prohibiting or impeding wesli in its respective obligations.

  • WESLI’s obligations in relation to students’ courses and/or accommodations are suspended for the duration of the Force Majeure Event.
  • Whenever reasonable and practical, WESLI will attempt to provide compensatory classes and/or accommodation during a Force Majeure Event, however this cannot be guaranteed.

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